FRN: 1608884   FY: 2007
Basic Information
Billed Entity: 14014
470 Information
470#: 950260000614315  
471 Information
471#: 580836  
SPIN: 143001334 Frontier Communications of New York, Inc.
Status: FUNDED Wave: 32 FCDL Date: 12/4/2007
Status Memo: Astor Early Childhood Center-Beacon, Astor Early Childhood Center-Millerton, Astor Early Childhood Center-Mt. Alvernia, Astor Early Childhood Center-Pine Plains, Astor Early Childhood Center-Poughkeepsie, Astor Early Childhood Center-Salt Point, Astor Early Childhood Center-Wingdale, Astor Early Childhood Center-Admin, Astor Day Treatment Center, and The Lawrnce F Hickey Center for Child Development have been added to Block 4 of the Form 471 application at the request of the applicant. 
Service Start Date (471): 7/1/2007 Service Start Date (486): 7/1/2007
Current Commitment: $4,659.55 Payment Mode: BEAR
Disbursed Amount:* $4,258.08 Undisbursed: $401.47
Last Date of Service: Last Date to Invoice: 4/2/2009
    Original Request   Original Commitment  
Total Monthly Cost:     $6,163.43    $6,163.43  
Total Ineligible Monthly Cost     $5,731.99    $5,731.99  
Months of Service:    12    12  
Annual Recurring Charges:     $5,177.28     $5,177.28  
Estimated One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Ineligible Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Estimated Monthly Cost:     $431.44     $431.44  
Estimated Annual Cost:     $5,177.28    $5,177.28  
Discount Percent:     90 %     90 %  
Requested Amount:     $4,659.55     $4,659.55  

* It is possible that an authorization for an amount was approved, but no disbursement has yet been made for that amount. If you have questions about an amount, please contact the service provider on that FRN.

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