FRN: 1699013427   FY: 2016
Basic Information
Applicant: BETYAAKOV ATERET TORAH Type:  School
Billed Entity: 16038354
470 Information
470#: 160022269  
471 Information
471#: 161009023  
SPIN: 143030766 Windstream Communications, LLC
Service Type: Voice
Status: Denied Wave: 73 FCDL Date: 2/13/2018
      Appeal Wave: 161
Status Memo: DR1:The FRN is denied because the applicant failed to provide at the request of the Program Administrator all requested documentation. Specifically, prior to commitment of the FRN, you were asked to submit documentation to support that the services requested in the FRN were delivered during the funding year and/or you were asked to provide vendor documentation in support of the FRN. You failed to provide all requested documentation. Therefore, your FRN is denied.||MR1:The funding request was reduced based on the failure to provide: cost break out of "other charges, taxes and surcharges". This information was needed to determine the eligibility of the products and services in your request. 
Service Start Date (471): 7/1/2016 Service Start Date (486):
Current Commitment: $0.00 Payment Mode: NOT SET
Disbursed Amount:* Undisbursed: 0.00
Last Date of Service: Last Date to Invoice: 10/30/2017
    Original Request   Original Commitment  
Total Monthly Cost:     $1,200.00    $1,073.44  
Total Ineligible Monthly Cost     $0.00    $274.60  
Months of Service:    12    12  
Annual Recurring Charges:     $14,400.00     $9,586.08  
Estimated One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Ineligible Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Estimated Monthly Cost:     $1,200.00     $798.84  
Estimated Annual Cost:     $14,400.00    $9,586.08  
Discount Percent:     50 %     50 %  
Requested Amount:     $7,200.00     $0.00