FRN: 1699033836   FY: 2016
Basic Information
Applicant: ORACLE CHARTER SCHOOL Type:  School
Billed Entity: 16027214
470 Information
470#: 866860001149430  
471 Information
471#: 161018514  
SPIN: 143030766 Windstream Communications, LLC
Service Type: Voice
Status: Denied Wave: 7 FCDL Date: 8/6/2016
      Appeal Wave: 6
Status Memo: DR1:Based on the documentation you provided during review, FRN 1699033836 is denied since you failed to properly evaluate bids received for the FRN. Your evaluation worksheet indicates bidders were evaluated based on a 100 point scale. Correspondence provided between service provider Advance 2000 and the school shows that Advance 2000 sent an email to the school requesting detailed information on the services the school was seeking. The school notified Advance 2000 that it was seeking Internet service at a rate between 50 Mbps 100 Mbps down / 5 10 Mbps up. Similar specs were provided by the school to other service providers. A review of the bid with Advance 2000 shows that the bid was responsive to the specifications as communicated to them by the school. Similarly, Time Warner provided a bid was which was responsive to the specs as communicated to them by the school. Your evaluation contains three evaluation criteria which combined are worth a total of 60 points. These criteria are Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Dedicated Connection. Windstream, the service provider selected, is awarded a full 60 points in these evaluation criterions, while Time Warner and Advance 2000 are awarded 18 points. Download Speed and Upload Speed are criterions that cannot be used to penalize Time Warner and Advance 2000 since the bids they provided are responsive to your stated specs. Likewise, Time Warner and Advance 2000 cannot be penalized for not providing a Dedicated Connection since that requirement was not communicated to the service providers either on the FCC Form 470 that initiated the bidding process or in correspondence to the vendors. Your evaluation shows that while Monthly Cost of Eligible Products/Services individually accounted for the most points in the evaluation, the primary consideration for the school was the combined Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Dedicated Connection criterions. Thus, price was not your primary consideration and the FRN is denied.||MR1:The FRN was modified from 1 line to 5 lines to agree with the applicant documentation. 
Service Start Date (471): 7/1/2016 Service Start Date (486):
Current Commitment: $0.00 Payment Mode: NOT SET
Disbursed Amount:* Undisbursed: 0.00
Last Date of Service: Last Date to Invoice: 10/30/2017
    Original Request   Original Commitment  
Total Monthly Cost:     $299.32    $299.30  
Total Ineligible Monthly Cost     $0.00    $0.00  
Months of Service:    12    12  
Annual Recurring Charges:     $3,591.84     $3,591.60  
Estimated One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Ineligible Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Estimated Monthly Cost:     $299.32     $299.30  
Estimated Annual Cost:     $3,591.84    $3,591.60  
Discount Percent:     50 %     50 %  
Requested Amount:     $1,795.92     $0.00