FRN: 1699049859   FY: 2016
Basic Information
Billed Entity: 201007
470 Information
470#: 160018214  
471 Information
471#: 161025183  
SPIN: 143030766 Windstream Communications, LLC
Service Type: Data Transmission and/or Internet Access
Status: Denied Wave: 86 FCDL Date: 9/23/2020
Status Memo: DR1:Simon Goldbrener, owner of Gold Consulting and SGoldbrener LTD, plead guilty on February 12, 2020 to defrauding the E-rate program from 2010 to 2016. Specifically, Goldbrener plead guilty to holding himself out as a consultant who worked for educational institutions, supposedly helping schools to participate in the E-rate program by, among other things, holding a fair and open bidding process to select cost-effective vendors. Goldbrener admitted that he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by vendors to complete and file false E-rate documents that circumvented the competitive bidding process from at least in or about 2010 up to and including in or about 2016. Due to this guilty plea and admission to violating E-rate’s competitive bidding rules (47 C.F.R. § 54.503) USAC is denying funding to 201007 in funding years where 201007 used Goldbrener, Gold Consulting, or SGoldbrener LTD as your E-rate consultant. 
Service Start Date (471): 7/1/2016 Service Start Date (486):
Current Commitment: $0.00 Payment Mode: NOT SET
Disbursed Amount:* Undisbursed: 0.00
Last Date of Service: Last Date to Invoice: 10/30/2017
    Original Request   Original Commitment  
Total Monthly Cost:     $1,725.00    $1,725.00  
Total Ineligible Monthly Cost     $0.00    $0.00  
Months of Service:    12    12  
Annual Recurring Charges:     $20,700.00     $20,700.00  
Estimated One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Ineligible Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Estimated Monthly Cost:     $1,725.00     $1,725.00  
Estimated Annual Cost:     $20,700.00    $20,700.00  
Discount Percent:     90 %     90 %  
Requested Amount:     $18,630.00     $0.00