FRN: 2061604   FY: 2010
Basic Information
Billed Entity: 16046511
470 Information
470#: 252740000800896  
471 Information
471#: 763082  
SPIN: 143001334 Frontier Communications of New York, Inc.
Status: NOT FUNDED Wave: 43 FCDL Date: 3/22/2011
Status Memo: DR1: Applicant has not provided sufficient documentation to determine the eligibility of this item. No documentation was provided for item(s): item 21. <><><><><> DR2: The FRN is denied because the entity requesting service in this FRN: Congregation Yetev Lev, is not eligible to receive funding based on the program rules for eligible entities. Specifically, the New York State Library has determined that Congregation Yetev Lev (CYL) is not eligible to receive state Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding and is therefore also not eligible to receive E-rate support because they are not a member of a library system in New York, which is a prerequisite to being eligible for LSTA in that state. Although CYL applied for membership, they never paid the membership fees and therefore never completed the membership process and never were members in good standing. 
Service Start Date (471): 7/1/2010 Service Start Date (486):
Current Commitment: $0.00 Payment Mode: NOT SET
Disbursed Amount:* $0.00 Undisbursed: $.00
Last Date of Service: Last Date to Invoice: 10/28/2011
    Original Request   Original Commitment  
Total Monthly Cost:     $382.59    $0.00  
Total Ineligible Monthly Cost     $0.00    $0.00  
Months of Service:    12    0  
Annual Recurring Charges:     $4,591.08     $0.00  
Estimated One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Ineligible Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Total One Time Cost:     $0.00     $0.00  
Estimated Monthly Cost:     $382.59     $0.00  
Estimated Annual Cost:     $4,591.08    $0.00  
Discount Percent:     90 %     90 %  
Requested Amount:     $4,131.97     $0.00  

* It is possible that an authorization for an amount was approved, but no disbursement has yet been made for that amount. If you have questions about an amount, please contact the service provider on that FRN.

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