E-Rate Organizer Funding Search Analysis for Funding Year 2009

» Utilization Summary Chart
 Billed Entity: 124268      Type: DISTRICT
 Address:600 RT 55, ELDRED, NY 12732
 471FRNSPINService ProviderService*Original RequestCurrent Commitment DisbursedUtil. %Discount
 6523521788674143001356CITIZENS TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY OF NY, INCT$8,062.23$8,062.23 $6,510.0781%55%
 6523521788680143019523Time Warner ResCom of New York, LLCT$4,165.46$4,165.46 $4,165.46100%55%
 6523521788688143019523Time Warner ResCom of New York, LLCIA$1,055.67$1,055.67 $1,055.67100%55%

Service Legend: IA=Internet Access; T=Telecomm; VS=Voice; Services IC=Internal Connections; ICM=Internal Connections Maintenance; MIB = Managed Internal Broadband Service
NF = Not Funded/Denied
[Last update: 11/28/2022]